why do men have nipples | common app essay

when I was in third grade my mom bought me the New York Times bestseller book why do men have nipples as an eight year old in love with the hour of independent reading we got in class every day naturally I brought it to school to read little did I know this action would soon result in my teacher confiscating the book and sending a note along with a book home to my parents the book is a collection of commonly asked questions with their corresponding explanations it’s sort of like the tame side of Yahoo Answers in a paperback I think my mom bought it for me because ever since the moment I turned to and could form words that it sounds I was asking questions why does the moon follow us when we walk why do I go backwards when the car starts why can’t people fly she knew that at this rate I would soon be asking questions beyond the scope of her knowledge with this book she intended to provide me with responses to the questions that she couldn’t answer herself it’s been over nine years since the incident and I have absolutely no idea where that book is anymore I mean it’s probably in some shelf somewhere in my room wedged in between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Matilda regardless even though the book has been lost I have not lost my curiosity of the world even though my questions have increased in complexity I have not ceased to ask them and even though my questions are often more lofty and daunting these days I have not ceased to seek answers to them in eighth grade I began writing poems and initially my poems were mediocre at best when rhythm and rhymes were all I cared about but the more poems I wrote the more I found that poetry wasn’t so much about making words sound pretty as it was a way for me to ask my questions and find answers to them why does the moon follow us when we walk distances measured in human feet are mostly irrelevant to objects of the night guy and even though most times I fail to find any sort of clarity to the questions I was asking why do I go backwards when the car starts hmm no clue might as well ask a goldfish why the air it breathes is wet I realized that it isn’t so much about finding answers as it is about daring to seek them because only by pursuing the answers can I even begin to fathom discovering them only by trying can I even begin to imagine succeeding maybe my inertia inhibits me from moving forward maybe I need to shatter every notion that inertia even exists as all that prevents growth and change is painted and noches red and black wearing fangs but when inertia succeeds instead and chokes me into submission I find that resistance is futile the more desperately I fight the more forcefully it strangles me because this is not a physical struggle its toxins halt the logic in my mind emotion must now guide me emotion slaps me in the face and pulls me out of my sluggish state and emotion reveals that multiple questions can sometimes be linked by a single answer that is to say why can’t people fly evolution our backbones were never made so hollow our wings so literal why do men have nipples evolution time moving forward too quickly for natural selection to keep up that is to say mammary organs remain as vestiges that is to say I am evolved my poems have transformed me into a being capable of discovering clarity a being who refuses to let inertia prevent me from going forth and asking questions and demand ding answers up being who will soon sprout wings and fly