Seeking for any dual degree in event management in Hamburg?

Dual degree

Countless prospective students are now opting to get a dual degree. That is hardly surprising any time you look at that the benefits of studying are combined with these of vocational instruction. In this way you could obtain theoretical information that you could apply straight in practice. In the finish of one’s studies you can expect to even have two degrees in your pocket.

To ensure that every little thing runs smoothly at trade fairs, festivals and conferences, you’ll need strong-nerved personnel who organize every little thing completely. That is where event managers come into play. They make expense plans ahead of time, location orders and look right after partners. So as to be ready for these tasks, within the dual study you are going to primarily take care of the planning, organization and implementation of events, as well as marketing and advertising. The subject of enterprise administration is also on the agenda here.

With an occasion management degree, you acquire superb enterprise abilities and are in a position to strategy, organize and coordinate events of all sorts. This makes you ideally suited for a profession in the event business. Big subjects within the curriculum consist of economics and event planning. Accordingly, you’re able to expect online business subjects and modules in the event area. You will take care of paraphrasing website mla trends in occasion promoting and international event management. Soft skills complete your profile – you work on your Home business English and obtain methodological expertise.

The dual inter-university course in Midwifery Science B. Sc. Qualified to practice the original midwifery activity inside the phases of household preparing, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum / early parental leave till the end of breastfeeding in an outpatient and inpatient setting. You may receive an academic degree plus a expert license as a midwife. Scientific and sensible education presents are combined structurally and when it comes to content. The nursing course is divided into individual modules with practical and theoretical content material. These are taught inside the theory semesters in the HAW Hamburg in the Department of Nursing and Management.

In accordance with all the Nursing Act, the students complete the practical a part of their studies mainly with our cooperation partners in and about Hamburg. A few of the sensible hours are completed within the department’s abilities lab.

Studying dual signifies being able to acquire sensible expertise when studying. The advantages from the dual type of study are clear: contacts are produced early on in professional life, there is continuous practical relevance throughout the studies and it really is financially advantageous to have a regular income while studying.

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