Use These Tips To Perfect Your Paraphrasing

How to Paraphrase Your Sentences Beautifully

Paraphrasing is the act of using someone else idea in your writing dissertation introduction without changing the meaning. As a student, always be keen to paraphrase what you have comprehended well instead of rewording what you have memorized. Remember that every paragraph/sentence you write carries weight and carries different information from the previous section/sentence. If you fail to paraphrase well, you risk losing readers/ readers for your paper. Below are some of the fantastic tips to help you paraphrase your papers flawlessly.

  1. Alter the wording a little bit. This way, you can make it sound more lively and exciting to your readers.
  2. Use synonyms. Synonyms mean the same thing, but they are different words. So, they can be used interchangeably in your sentence without altering the meaning.
  3. Arrangement is very important. Try to arrange your words in a particular manner. This might include using quotes, and citations or using connectors like “right side,” or “top,” etc. to refer to the right side of your sentence and to the top or bottom. Your paraphrasing should always refer to the source of your information.

Ultimate Guide for Paraphrasing Sentences

Well, paraphrasing may not be as easy as it seems. The numerous challenges you may face when paraphrasing will make you need guidelines to help you out. This paper provides some of those guidelines to help you in paraphrasing your papers flawlessly. Have a look;

Rewording Your Concrete Sentences

As a student, you understand the converse of what you read perfectly. You know every sentence; therefore, you know what to say. But, what happens when you are replacing the sentences altogether? To evade that, you must have a guide to paraphrase your sentences. An excellent place to start is your first assignment. Read through the first paragraph carefully, and try to pick out some of the main words you would use to describe that section. Also, try to pick out the main ideas in that first paragraph. You can use quotes or examples, but make sure to refer to your assignment as you conduct your paraphrasing. Once you are done, once you have your sentences ready, write a different one.

Using Quotations

Synonyms do not work well when you are quoting sentences. The best way to paraphrase well is by using quotations. Quotations are not the same as quoted words; they mean something different. As you write down the quotation, make sure to use quotes connecting the sentence to the source. Remember to include the writer’s name and the date/year, and the page where the quote was published. Quotations are reliable as they give credit to the persons/ authors whose work you are using.

Speech Singing

If you want to get your message across perfectly, you must perform a self-introduction. This speech (singing) will get your audience involved. They will be eager to know what your next point or idea is all about, and you will get your message across clearly.


Paraphrasing is easy as long as you have the correct idea in your head. Never mix two ideas as you can risk losing readers. Use synonyms to stay unique and avoid using quotes. Once you have completed your paraphrasing, proofread your work to pick out the mistakes. It is this simple to improve your writing.

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